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  • Novasina Pascal-ST/ZB factsheet

  • Novasina Pascal-ST/ZB spec sheet

  • Novasina PascalMaxx factsheet

  • Novasina CaliBox 200 factsheet

  • Novasina CaliBox 200 spec sheet

  • Application Overview

  • Application note: Bakery

  • Application note: Powder & Spices

  • Application note: Meat

  • Application note: Pharma

  • Application note: Pet Food

  • Application note: Cannabis

  • Application note: Shelf Life Simplified

  • Novasina PascalMaxx spec sheet

  • Pascal-ST/ZB: Th ideal solution for clean rooms – Pocket size high accuracy measuring instrument with automatic zero-point calibration.
  • PascalMaxx: HVAC measuring device with automatic zero-point calibration for monitoring of room pressure and saturation.
  • CaliBox 200: Mobile pressure generator and reference for calibration of static and dynamic differential pressure sensors.

Available Models

Technical Specifications

Pascal-STV 25 ZBPascal-STV 100 ZB
Measurement range-25…+25 Pa-100…+100 Pa
Max. permissible operating pressure+/- 25 Pa+/- 100 Pa
Accuracy at 20℃typical ± 0.15 Patypical ± 0.25 Pa
Temperature effectmax. ±0.20 Pa (at constant operation temperature out of adjustment tempereature)max. ±0.20 Pa (at constant operation temperature out of adjustment tempereature)
Max. resolution0.1 Pa0.1 Pa
Measurement intervalapprox. 20 measurements / secondapprox. 20 measurements / second
Hysteresis<±0.15 Pa<±0.15 Pa
Offset-Drift under “TLV” conditions± 0.15 Pa (with automatic zero-point calibration)± 0.15 Pa (with automatic zero-point calibration)
Max. permissible overpressure± 20’000 Pa± 20’000 Pa
Operating temperature5…45℃5…45℃
DisplayDot matrix 2 line LCD (36 x 14 MM)Dot matrix 2 line LCD (36 x 14 MM)
Analogue outputs (scalable and adjustable)0…10V / 2…10V (burden to ground > 10 kOhm) 0…20mA / 4…20mA (burden <500 Ohm)0…10V / 2…10V (burden to ground > 10 kOhm) 0…20mA / 4…20mA (burden <500 Ohm)
Digital interfaceRS-232 (ASCII-string, complex protocol)RS-232 (ASCII-string, complex protocol)
Power supply10.5…35 VDC10.5…35 VDC
Power consumptionmax. 2.5 W (in operation)max. 2.5 W (in operation)
ProtectionIP54 / EMCIP54 / EMC
Measurement mediumdry, not condensing, non aggressive gasesdry, not condensing, non aggressive gases

Measuring instrument to monitor and control low differential pressures in clean rooms, laminar flow systems, mini environments, filter systems and more.

The automatic zero point calibration during operation allows a very high measurement precision and long-time stability.

Key Features

  • Maintenance-free due to very low drift effect
  • No negative accuracy influence due to mounting position
  • Very reliable and stable long-term measurement
  • Small, compact, robust and easy to integrate almost anywhere

Technical Specifications

PascalMaxx +/- 50ZPascalMaxx 500ZPascalMaxx 2000Z
Dimensions110x130x50 mm110x130x50 mm110x130x50 mm
Measurement range differential pressure-50…+50 Pa0…500 Pa0…2’000 Pa
Max. resolution0.1 Pa0.1 Pa0.1 Pa
Accuracy at 20℃ over full measurement reange+/- 0.5%+/- 0.25%+/- 0.5%
Temperature effect+/- 2 %+/- 1 %+/- 1 %
Differential pressure sensorPiezo resistive membranePiezo resistive membranePiezo resistive membrane
Max. permissible overpressure± 25’000 Pa± 25’000 Pa± 50’000 Pa
Operating temperature0…+50 ℃0…+50 ℃0…+50 ℃
Long term stability / drift< 2 Pa / year (automatic zero-point calibration< 2 Pa / year (automatic zero-point calibration< 2 Pa / year (automatic zero-point calibration
Power supply19.2…28.8 VSC (In-Out without galvanic isolation)19.2…28.8 VSC (In-Out without galvanic isolation)19.2…28.8 VSC (In-Out without galvanic isolation)
Power consumptionmax. 2.5 W (in operation)max. 2.5 W (in operation)max. 2.5 W (in operation)
Analogue outputs0…10V/ 2 …10V / 0… 20mA / 4…20mA0…10V/ 2 …10V / 0… 20mA / 4…20mA0…10V/ 2 …10V / 0… 20mA / 4…20mA
Relay outputmax. 230 VAC – 2A ohmic (adjustable)max. 230 VAC – 2A ohmic (adjustable)max. 230 VAC – 2A ohmic (adjustable)
Electromagnetic compatibilityEN 61326-1 / EN 61326 A1EN 61326-1 / EN 61326 A1EN 61326-1 / EN 61326 A1
Storage temperature-10…+60 ℃ (not condensing)-10…+60 ℃ (not condensing)-10…+60 ℃ (not condensing)
Measurement mediumdry, not condensing, not aggressive gasesdry, not condensing, not aggressive gasesdry, not condensing, not aggressive gases

This differential pressure transmitter with analog output and relay switch is suitable for different HVAC applications, such as filter and fan monitoring.

Thanks to the automatic zero calibration, the measurement characteristics of this device stand out due to their long-time stability.

Key Features

  • Automatic zero-point alignment
  • Large and well laid-out display
  • Simple to configure and calibrate
  • Integrated switching contact with configurable switching threshold function
  • Scalable, analog signal: mA or V
  • User-friendly menu structure with password protection

Technical Specifications

CaliBox 200
Differential pressure working/measuring range0…200 Pa static and dynamic
Max. display resolution0.01 Pa
Measurement accuracy at 20℃typical <= 0.15 Pa respectively 0.08% FS (Full Scale)
Temperature effectinfluence temperature constant: typical <= 0.03 Pa/℃ resp. 0.015% FS/℃
influence temperature change 10℃/h: typical <= 0.6 Pa resp. 0.3% FS
Offset drifttypical <= 0.15 Pa/year (automatic zero-point adjustment)
Hysteresistypical <= 0.15 Pa
Reference device sensor elementpiezo-resistive membrane differential pressure sensor
Max. permissible overpressure-100…500 kPa
Operating temperature5…50 ℃
Environmental medianon condensing, non corrosive fresh air
Power supplyChargeable battery 25.6V/10 Ah LeFe PO4 with BMS
Charging time< 3 hours
Operation timeat full battery load> 24…48 hours
Analogue output0/2…10V (load >= 10 kOhm)
Accuracy of analogue outputtypical 0.05% of full scale (FS)
Digital interfaceRS 232
Protection class openIP 30
Protection class closeIP 54
Total weight7.3 kg
Storage temperature range-10…+60 ℃ non condensing

This mobile, universal pressure generator allows for a location-independent verification and calibration of differential pressure measurement instruments.

It is both applicable as a pressure generator and as certified pressure reference.

Key Features

Universal usage for membrane and mass flow differential pressure samples
Battery-powered for highest flexibility
High precision and stability of the generated pressure
Optionally deliverable with accredited certificate
Robust design for the mobile use

Success Stories

Successfully Flowing into New Market Segments

Though Novasina’s product has been widely accepted in the meat processing segment, in Japan it had not made much headway in other business segments. Novasina needed to identify opportunities in other industries to grow its business presence in Japan.

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Key Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Optical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Service
  • Textile

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